Nasim with Family & Friends, Brooklyn, USA

My family and I recently stayed at Erossea. We had planned this trip a year in advance, and the anticipation was growing as we got closer to the date of arrival. Erossea delivered everything we were hoping for.
1. Arrival: We were a party of 9 coming from different countries; thus, our arrival was at different times. Svati, the manager of Erossea, scheduled pick up from the airport for all of us.
2. The villa is BEAUTIFUL. The attention to detail in the interior of the villa is fabulous. White all around, with touches of gold.
3. One of the major attractions in Santorini is watching the sunset. So you can imagine everyone hustling to get the right restaurant, bar, hill, to watch the sunset. Guests at Erossea do not need any of that, as you have magnificent views of the sunset, directly in front of you.
3. The morning breakfast was a feast. The endless choices of food, each prepared to our liking were something we all looked forward to in the morning.
4. Svati visited us every day and asked how/what/ she can plan for us. Dinner reservations made by Svati were a class act. The food fantastic, the best seats at the restaurant, the view and the arrangement stunning.
Erossea is a place you come with your family and friends to create beautiful memories. What would have made this villa a five star would be if they had in house wine – cocktails/lunch/dinner service. While the option of guests going to buy their food and drinks at the supermarket, which is directly located high above the hill of the villa; sometimes, especially on vacation, you want to relax and indulge by the pool. Judging from breakfast, if they include this service, it too will be amazing.