Luxury shopping in Santorini, Erossea villa private selection

Which luxury boutiques or shops you should visit on and what items you should take away when visiting the Island! Santorini is a beautiful place for luxury shopping, which is typically accompanied by relaxing evening strolls and sightseeing. Known for its small boutiques on the cliff, the first thing you will notice when visiting Oia or Fira is the diversity of shops.
From left to right will pop up many small shops filled with trinkets, souvenirs, clothing, food, and anything you can dream of! Many of the stores are open late (10 or 11 pm), so it’s a good idea to go for an evening stroll to digest after a hearty Greek dinner!


The most famous souvenir – The evil eye (mati) is most certainly a part of the Greek culture and is a curse thought to be given by a malicious glare that can cause bad luck or loss. That’s why it’s important to wear an evil eye somewhere on your body to ward off this curse and protect yourself throughout the day.
You can find these in any of the small souvenirs shops. The ‘mati’ presentation is diverse, as a form of jewellery, printed on T-shirts, fabrics, bags, or pillow covers. For sure you will find your one to protect you, your family, or as a gift to your beloved one.

SAND LILY, Caldera, Imerovigli

If you love authentic Greek designers head for this cool mini Boutique shop in Imerovigli, located just a few steps from Erossea, on the famous Caldera path towards Scaros rock. Sand Lily is part of Erossea villa private selection for luxury shopping in Santorini.
Sand Lily is a cute little place, which will surprise you with the authenticity and diversity of a unique selection of the Greek designers. All the clothing treasures you find inside are fantastic value for money, each piece is signed by the handcraft and dedication to high impact fashion, total elegance, and originality.
The selection of brands you will find at Sand Lily are:

  • Sundress
  • Elina Lebessi
  • Arjuna
  • Hape Few
  • Hermina and more …

Sand Lily offers elegant women wear collections, a fine collection of handmade jewellery – one piece style, diversity of handbags made from natural materials, accessories like organic cotton scarfs, and more …
The opening hours are in the morning and evening. If you are looking for a beach outfit go in the morning to feel the day vibes, if you looking for evening dress or handbags, the golden hour – the sunset time will enhance your shopping experience to the moon.

LALAOUNIS, Ypapantis street, Fira

Ilias Lalaounis is a unique iconic Greek jewellery brand since the 1960’s, that emphasizes on Greek history. All of his pieces are influenced by Byzantine, Neolithic, and Mycenaean art.
Lalaounis craft is not only about producing an object of beauty; he seeks to convey the spiritual and symbolic link of an object to its historical past.

Unlike his peers, who favored diamonds and large stones, Lalaounis found early on his calling in gold, ‘the most human material,’ as he called it. His collections, dripping in 18 and 22 karat gold, were inspired by the art of many different cultures and periods. His interest spanned from prehistoric to Minoan art, from Persian to Byzantine, from Chinese art to the art of the Tudors.
His timeless collections have been loved by many, including Jackie O, Elisabeth Taylor, Barbra Streisand, and Charlize Theron. A peace of a unique iconic Greek treasure that turns a woman who wears it to a Greek goddess.


Santia Exquisite Jewellery Collection is the alchemy of inspiration, reflections, and energy. Their mission is to take the mystery out of your purchase by offering only the finest quality jewellery available.
Their collections are crafted with superior materials and great imagination, to give you the opportunity to tell your unique story and express your true feelings choosing the one Santia Exquisite Jewellery made for you.
The store is located on the main walking path of Oia with the spectacular view of the Caldera and the magic energy of Santorini.


  • Major
  • LIT 5
  • Sun n’ Sea

Andronis Exclusive has added its signature style of luxury to Santorini’s shopping boutique scene. lnspirational pieces signed by the latest generation of Greek fashion designers will put you straight into summer mood. Andronis ensures you that an outfit is more interesting when it enhances what the wearer has to say and provides opportunities for expression by curating the most unique, beautiful, and intelligent designs from around the world.
Summer outfits and brands that dare to think out of the box are all that you need to awe and dazzle from pool-side to cocktail hour.
The choice is always difficult as every piece of the collection palette is care¬ fully hand-picked to satisfy the most demanding tastes. From jewellery and accessories to summer sandals and the most romantic dresses, Andronis stores have every gorgeous detail covered.
Is like traνelling to the world’s fashion capitals where quality meets luxury and design. Women’s & menswear.
Brands they represent in short are:

  • Mary Katrantzou
  • Balmain
  • Stella McCartney
  • Zeus+Dione
  • Chiara Boni
  • Ioanna Kourbella exclusive and more …


Located in the center of Oia’s pedestrian, a concept store focused on Greek designers. The boutique offers selection of high-level design clothes, such as the airy creations and the minimalistic style of dresses, and the elegant men’s shirts (cotton and linen). Moreover, handmade wooden accessories like watches and bow ties from the Greek brands, as well as the handmade jewellery highlight the particularity of Greek designers’ work. For a more integrated look, sunglasses are available exclusively in this store.
Located in Oia’s prime shopping path. Woemen’s & menswear.

  • Ioanna Kourbela
  • Grand Greece
  • Jazzy men’s shirts
  • GAST and more …

Shopaholics beware! The numerous amount of luxury shopping in Santorini island will make your wallet cry but will keep your heart content.
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